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Brutal Death Metal · Death Metal · Grindcore · Technical Death Metal

Dienstag, 23. Juli 2019
Rockhouse · Schallmooser Hauptstraße 46 · 5020 Salzburg

Einlass · Beginn
19:00 · 20:00
Metal Madness Concerts

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Aborted / Decapitated in der Rockhouse Bar
Exklusives Österreich Konzert

Am 23. Juli beehren uns zwei der größten europäischen Death Metal Bands in der Salzburger Rockhouse Bar. Im Zuge ihrer Co-Headliner Tour durch Europa haben die beiden Todeswalzen Salzburg als einzigen Tourstopp in Österreich auserkoren und werden alles in Schutt und Asche legen.

Da das Konzert wohlgemerkt in der Bar stattfindet, sind die Tickets begrenzt, also schnell sein!

VVK: 23€

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ABORTED (BEL) - Death Metal

Belgian export Aborted are just as happy telling wet fart jokes as they are purveying some of the finest death metal on the continent. Over the course of the group’s 20-plus career, they’ve transformed—via tongue-through-cheek and gross-out histrionics — from minor curio to the Powerhouse from Flanders. The ascent through death metal’s maggot-infested, disease-ridden ranks didn’t come easy, however.
Starting with 2003’s stab-to-the-face Goremageddon: The Saw and the Carnage Done, Aborted crawled through some of the most disgusting sewers, serviced some of the wickedest human waste plants, and cleaned up Europe’s most brutal crime scenes. From there, it’s been nothing but golden showers and true reverence (by fan and peer alike) across six agonizingly good full-lengths.
But Aborted aren’t that funny. They are, however, sickly serious and positively savage. Brawn over brains—or gurgling guts over smart-ass smarts—has been Aborted’s musical motto since they plunged out of death metal’s womb with aplomb. Early demos The Splat Pack and The Necrotorous Chronicles proved they were super-keen on cleaning up Repulsion’s coffin maggots and Autopsy’s charred remains to think (hard) beyond the dilapidated funeral home they called a hovel for the better part of their existence. The follow-up to 2016 face-smash, Retrogore, is the harrowingly named TerrorVision. But it’s not just the title that’s impressive. On TerrorVision, Aborted rivet death metal to the proverbial prep table. Some of the sickest riffs, sleaziest—OK, sexiest—grooves, and most insane blasts in Aborted’s history can be found nestled inside TerrorVision’s terribly formidable suite of songs. Aborted’s girth…er, growth is noticeable.

Aborted are: Sven 'Svencho' de Caluwé (vocals), Ken Bedene (drums), Mendel bij de Leij (guitars), Ian
Jekelis (guitars) and Stefano Franceschini (basses). They want you to listen to…no, worship TerrorVision.
Just don’t expect Aborted to clean up the mess you make thereafter. They’re still on clean up duty. Boy,
Repulsion and Autopsy made a real mess all those years ago.

DECAPITATED (PL) - Death Metal

Formed in 1996, Polish Tech Death masters DECAPITATED built a reputation over the years as one of the international leaders of their genre. Over their near 20-year career, DECAPITATED has released seven studio albums, which are considered to be some of the most influential death metal releases of the 21st century.
Recording the new creation, entitled »Anticult« (2017), has proven to be an extremely demanding process for DECAPITATED, as they have never before faced a challenge as testing as the new songs turned out to be. The band cross-bred various styles and sounds, setting the bar higher with this new release. Flirting with various tempos, mixing Death Metal with Grindcore, Black Metal atmosphere with more groove laden beats and Stoner-Rock vibes, there are also modern Metal rhythmic riffs on DECAPITATED’s latest output that hark back to their past releases.
“It’s not pure death metal anymore,” he admits. “Right now, Decapitated’s music is a mixture of musical ideas that is really hard to describe. We connected death, thrash, rock ‘n’ roll, even black metal, and atmospheric parts together. All this makes Decapitated unique. I love to listen to all kinds of metal and all kinds of music in general. It will be so hard for me to make a pure death metal album now. And I think it would be a little boring. We put lots of time and energy to make this album sound like it does,” Vogg offers. “I hope people will love it, too. I sure this album will not disappoint old and new Decapitated fans. There is something for all of them. I really can’t wait to get on tour again. I want to play Anticult songs to everyone.”
With their emphasis on inventive songwriting and technical prowess, DECAPITATED has earned the respect of their musical peers and have gained a devoted fan base. Vogg, the band’s musical mastermind, creates songs that often feature blazing tempos, crushing riffs and memorable guitar solos – all of which can be expected on their new release Anticult.